Sponsorship measures


Sponsorship is communication. Sponsorship is based on a service and a service in return – it is a contract between two partners that are following a common goal: success. The will to achieve this goal is intrinsic to sport. Therefore it is unsurprising that sports sponsorship has achieved a high significance in brand communication. More so: it has vividly changed from a simple communications tool to a value-adding mechanism. The full spectrum of these measures in the works of EN GARDE Marketing have become a benchmark in the equestrian industry for many years.

Why equestrian?

Equestrian is highly performance oriented and at the same time dominated by the link between man and horse. The appeal lies in the understanding and trust between two creatures, human and animal. You will feel elegance, harmony, trust and vitality through the achievement of these traits. This is what creates the attractiveness that draws millions of people to all forms of equestrian. It is no coincidence that equestrian finds itself in the top five of the most adored outdoor sports.


Equestrian reaches a target group that is between 7 and 70 years old. This is our experience from all our events. Reasons are manyfold: The fascination of the horse plays its role, but more importantly, it is the fact that you can ride or drive at all ages. At the same time there are differentiations in the target group. Horse owners, for example, are often people with higher than average incomes and higher levels of education.


The packages offered by EN GARDE are dependent on your business objectives and your defined target group and will result in a mutual exchange of positive image. Hence, we will do an analysis of your wishes and possibilities which results in the project management, the implementation and supervision as well as the controlling.


The opportunities in equestrian are versatile. It starts with the support of individual athletes as testimonials and goes as far as event and series sponsorship. Depending on your goals, there are multiple measures that can be used. EN GARDE offers the following measures to all their partners:

EN GARDE Marketing offers excellent care to the sponsor, innovative ideas and best practices for sponsorship in equestrian.


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