Apr 8, 2022

A special PARTNER PFERD for Isabell Werth - an interview with the dressage queen

Photo: Sportfotos-Lafrentz.de

Leipzig - It will be her last dance, the dance of Isabell Werth and her wonderful Weihegold OLD at PARTNER PFERD, presented by Sparkasse Leipzig and Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe Sachsen. Three times they won the FEI Dressage World Cup™ Final. Now the world's most successful dressage rider will use this stage to bid the black mare a fond and healthy farewell into her sporting retirement.

What has Weihegold OLD impressed you most with in their joint career?
Isabell Werth: The mare is unbeatable in terms of reliability, sportiness and continuity. 50 times she has gone over 80 percent in the Grand Prix. I can count on one hand the rounds in which we have made mistakes over the years.

How do you look forward to the retirement of Weihegold OLD?
Isabell Werth: I am happy that we have a platform here that is worthy of her. It was important to me that she should be able to present herself once again in front of full crowds. It is of course great that this can be at a World Cup Final. I hope that I will succeed in the free skate, that is the demand I have of myself: To show it optimally.

What do you like about the tournament in Leipzig?
Isabell Werth: The conditions and the course are top. It was certainly a challenge for the organizer to set up such a tournament after two years of pandemic. You have to appreciate that.

How do you still plan your season?
Isabell Werth: I will be riding Emilio and Quantaz in the preparations and trials for the World Championships in Herning. Superb should go a few Grand Prix and then we will see. We have also made some major upgrades in the stable: There is Joshua, for example, an eight-year-old who is to go in the small tour this year. A spectacular horse, not only because of his height of 1.85 meters. He could be an option for the Olympic Games in Paris. Or So Unique. He is now a seven-year-old and will probably enter the small tour in the second half of the year. He is picture perfect and has a lot of quality.

And what will Weihegold's retired life be like?
Isabell Werth: She will return to her owner and go into breeding. There are already some great offspring of hers that were born via embryo transfer. After Leipzig, she will be trained and will then have a foal.

Isabell Werth and Weihegold OLD will celebrate their last appearance together on PARTNER PFERD Saturday from 7.10 p.m. in the FEI Dressage World Cup Freestyle presented by MEGGLE. The competition can also be seen in the livestream on www.mdr.de/sport, at FEI-TV and ClipMyHorse.tv.

Tickets for PARTNER PFERD are on sale at www.partner-pferd.de. Here you can also get a lot more info about the event. Currently, the Saxon Corona Protection Ordinance no longer imposes any restrictions on events. Nevertheless, the wearing of a mask is recommended.
You can find the current info here: https://www.partner-pferd.de/de/news/ihre-sicherheit-liegt-uns-am-herzen.