Mar 22, 2023

Alles Derby macht der Mai – Frühling läutet Countdown auf Turnierklassiker ein

Hamburg - Spring has begun and that means: The German Show Jumping and Dressage Derby is no longer far away. The tournament classic lasts five days and shapes the unique Derby week in Hamburg-Klein Flottbek. The Derby atmosphere can be experienced as early as Wednesday, when the first qualifier for the German Show Jumping Derby presented by IDEE KAFFEE will take place.
The Derby Thursday traditionally falls on Ascension Day and is therefore a Sunday. The sporting program also does justice to this: the show jumping stars of the five-star tour will first meet in the Prize of "Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG - DVAG" and then in the Hamburg Championships. In the Anrecht-Investment Dressage Arena, the Grand Prix in the Prize of the Liselott u. Klaus Rheinberger Foundation heralds the start of the dressage competitions. Here it will be decided which three pairs from the international starting field will qualify for the 63rd German Dressage Derby on Sunday. For the show jumpers, this decision will be made on Derby Friday in the second Derby qualifier, the Prize of Deutsche Kreditbank AG.
Derby Saturday is dominated by the Grand Prix. The exquisite Grand Prix of Hamburg shines with five stars crowned and a prize money of 300,000 euros in the program. But the Derby feeling may not be missing on the tournament Saturday and so it goes in the Speed Derby over typical Derby obstacles - and really fast. In the Anrecht-Investment Dressage Arena, the decisions will be made in the U25 Derby, the Grand Prix Special and the Grand Prix Freestyle donated by Freiherr von Jenisch.
The crowning finale of the Derby week delivers a show Sunday that could not be more packed with Derby decisions. First, the non-professionals get to go into their amateur jumping derby of the EN GARDE Amateur Trophy. However, the first Derby winner's Blue Sash will be awarded in Dressage. The U25 winner will now be followed by the winner in the German Pony Dressage Derby. Afterwards, the winner of the 63rd German Dressage Derby will be celebrated. By the way: All dressage derbies are decided in the final with a change of horses. This only happens in Klein Flottbek.
In the jumping stadium, there is already a very special Derby atmosphere: quiet as a mouse when the pairs are concentrated on their way through the most difficult course in the world. Intermediate applause when, for example, the IDEE KAFFEE wall and the subsequent plank are cleared without any mistakes, great appreciation for everyone who makes it to the finish line and consolation applause when things don't work out. And then the frenetic cheering when it is there: the zero-defect lap! This is only topped by what awaits the winner of the 92nd German Jumping Derby presented by IDEE KAFFEE at the end - the ultimate Derby celebration.

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