Feb 16, 2022

Confident and motivated towards the FEI World Cup Finals™ at PARTNER PFERD

Photo; Thomas Hellmann

Leipzig - Seven times seven days to go until the start of PARTNER PFERD, presented by Sparkasse Leipzig and Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe Sachsen, from April 6 to 10. Preparations are in full swing for the FEI World Cups™ Finals, which will be the host for the four disciplines. Spectators can expect world-class sport, show and expo combined under the roof of Leipziger Messe - and the makers have great confidence in celebrating a great and safe equestrian event with the famous Leipzig audience. New ticket contingents are on the horizon.

Many people are looking forward to PARTNER PFERD. The athletes who have collected - and are still collecting - points in their respective World Cups over months at the qualifiers held around the world, with the great goal of being allowed to compete at Leipziger Messe. The organizers EN GARDE Marketing GmbH and Leipziger Messe, who applied for this final years ago, surpassed the competitors and then won the bid for no less than four FEI World Cup™ Finals. And clearly also the equestrian fans who are just waiting for the tickets for the show days.

"Events are once again permitted at the Leipziger Messe. With this planning certainty, the great anticipation for PARTNER PFERD 2022 as the venue for all four FEI World Cup™ Finals and for a reunion with all equestrian sports fans is all the greater," says Martin Buhl-Wagner, Managing Director of Leipziger Messe. "Preparations for the top-class event from April 6 to 10 are in full swing. Visitors can look forward to rousing top-class sport, entertaining evening events and a varied experience program for the whole family. These include the Action Ring in Exhibition Hall 3 with various horse-related demonstrations, as well as informative forums and the colorful Children's Adventure World in the Glass Hall. In addition, exhibitors from Germany and abroad will once again present their products for horses and riders."
More than 500 hotel rooms have been booked in ten Leipzig hotels for athletes, officials, judges, stewards, show acts and crew. On show days, nearly 600 stalls will be home to the valuable four-legged sporting partners, who can make themselves comfortable in 1300 bales of shavings bedding and 15 tons of straw, while nibbling on nine tons of hay. "And we are very much looking forward to having two-legged and four-legged guests again," explains organizer Volker Wulff: "We are extremely focused on the finals in Leipzig within the framework of PARTNER PFERD and are very optimistic about the event in almost its entirety. Especially the last signals from politics, hold out the prospect of being able to hold PARTNER PFERD in its full scope and so additional ticket contingents will also go on pre-sale in a timely manner."
The final qualifications are underway, even though some corona-related cancellations had to be made in February, the World Cup season is nevertheless proceeding steadily. The best vaulters, drivers, show jumpers and dressage riders in the world will compete in Leipzig. Names like Steve Guerdat (SUI), John Whitaker (GBR), Marcus Ehning, Isabell Werth, Helen Langehanenberg, Catherine Dufour (DEN), Jannik Heiland, Bram Chardon (NED) and Boyd Exell (AUS) are already announcing themselves - even if it remains quite exciting who will get the last points in the different leagues. In any case, it will be an exquisite and top-class starting field. An FEI World Cup™ Final.
Expo 2022: Shopping paradise for equestrians and horse fans
The extensive range of products from equipment to bridles, as well as expert advice and demonstrations, will be on display by exhibitors in two exhibition halls and the impressive glass hall. Here, visitors can store and learn about new products. The public can also experience the fascinating world of horses in all its glory in the action ring in exhibition hall 3 of PARTNER PFERD, among other places. Informative equestrian presentations, entertaining demonstrations will be accompanied here by practical tips on riding training and schooling.
The tried and tested hygiene concept 'Safe Expo' for the protection of all visitors, exhibitors, organizers and service providers has been adapted to the new legal requirements and is based on the current Corona Emergency Ordinance of the Saxon State Government.