May 20, 2022

Derby comeback of the Hattrick winner - Toni Haßmann in the profile

Photo: Karl-Heinz Frieler

Hamburg - Toni Haßmann won the German Jumping Derby presented by IDEE KAFFEE three times in a row with the same horse. Collin was his partner's name back then - a horse that seemed to be born for the Derby. There was only one pair that managed to do the same: record Derby winner Nelson Pessoa and his Vivaldi. Toni Haßmann has been looking for a potential Derby horse for a long time, he had to wait 15 years. Now he has one again: the nine-year-old Zangersheider Casimo son Top Gun SR.

Name: Toni Haßmann
Date/place of birth: 4th November 1975 / Ibbenbüren
Place of residence: Ibbenbüren
Height and weight: 180cm / 78 kg
Favourite food/ drink: Steak / red wine
Marital status: married to Clarissa Haßmann: two daughters Stella (3), Angelina (15)

What do you prefer?
Dog or cat? Dog
Mountain or beach? Beach
Thriller or comedy? Comedy
Soul or rock'n'roll? Rock'n'Roll
French fries or raw food? French fries
Couch or funfair? Couch

How would you describe yourself?
Quiet, a bit stubborn and friendly

What are you proud of?
Of my children

Where do you get the motivation for top equestrian sport?
Every day is different with the horses, it is my job and my vocation... there was never any idea of doing anything else.

Who is your idol or role model?
Ludger Beerbaum - as a rider, but also as an entrepreneur in the horse business.

If you could choose one horse of your competitors, which would it be?
At the beginning of my career I always said, you really only need It's Otto and E.T. on the truck, then you can ride anywhere in the world.

Which is your soul horse and why?
Goldika - she simply had her own character and was a horse with whom I really had a deep relationship. She was my most successful horse and the relationship with her was just special. She gave a lot back to me.

You won the German Jumping Derby presented by IDEE KAFFEE three times in a row. How do you remember this time and which was the most emotional victory?
I remember it like it was yesterday, although it was a really long time ago with 2004, 2005 and 2006. The most emotional was the second victory. I had broken my leg before and only got back on the horse two weeks before the Derby. I didn't expect it to work out so well. But I didn't count on Collin... he was simply born for the Derby.

How do you plan your start for Hamburg?
I have always looked to see if I have a horse for the Derby. But all these years I never found the right one. Now I have a nine-year-old who I believe can do it. He has a lot of ability and jumps really well, especially on big grass fields. He is not fussy at all and is very well-behaved. I have a very good feeling about him.

What do you particularly like about the Derby?
The Derby Sunday is unique... it is simply a totally different tournament, you can't compare it with other tournaments. It really tingles when you ride onto the Derby course. It is pure adrenaline!

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