May 27, 2022

Even more Derby finalists - Anrecht-Investment Dressage arena with great flair

Photo:Thomas Hellmann

Hamburg - There was a lot of action in the Anrecht-Investment Dressage Arena on Derby Friday. For the U25 riders, the uvex sports prize was the qualification for their Derby final with a change of horses on Saturday. The name said it all for the winner Vivien Koecher, who won the competition with her Rotspon daughter Reine Freude. Second was Alina Schrader with Flavió followed by Lilli Richter with Darino Dackelblick. These three young ladies and their four-legged sporting partners will deliver the first Derby decision in the KASA Brandt Prize the U25 Dressage Derby in the final with a change of horses on Saturday.

The smallest starters in the Anrecht-Investment Dressage Arena rode out their second qualification for the German Pony Dressage Derby presented by Selleria Equipe. Here, Victoria von Braunmühl won with her fancy Palomino stallion NK Cyrill, ahead of Coralie Zumbansen with the only seven-year-old Amicelli. Third place went to Sophia Luisa Duen with Cosmopolitan NRW. These three will also decide the final in the pony change between themselves on Sunday morning.
The Derby Saturday starts in the jumping stadium with the SPOOKS Amateur Trophy and is then dominated by the Longines Global Champions Tour and the GCL Team Competition, which will find their decisions in the afternoon. But of course, real Derby feeling is not to be missed. In the early evening, the Prestige Speed Derby will provide the best atmosphere in the Derby Park. The evening in the Anrecht-Investment Dressage Arena will then thrill the spectators in the four-star tour with the Grand Prix Special in the Prize of the Helenenhof, Schwiebert family and then in the Grand Prix Freestyle, donated by Freiherr von Jenisch.

In the Freestyle, by the way, the spectators have the opportunity to decide on the awarding of the Entitlement Investment Harmony & Fairness Prize. At the audience can rate the performances under the aspects of harmony & fairness and thus help their favourite in the arena to win a special prize.

The box office will be open during the event and tickets are still available for all days. In addition, tickets for 2023 are already available here. Tickets from 2020 remain valid for 2022. There are currently no Corona regulations. We ask visitors to be considerate and keep their distance.

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