Apr 21, 2022

There's something in the air... derby air!

Photo: Toffi-Images.de

Hamburg - After three years without the German Show Jumping and Dressage Derby presented by IDEE KAFFEE, the longing for the show classic in Hamburg-Klein Flottbek is huge. "Our aim is to seamlessly follow on from 2019 with this year's Derby, the omens for this are very good," Competition Director Volker Wulff is pleased to say. "It is also important for us to keep the Longines Global Champions Tour in Hamburg and the tournament in Hamburg also has a high social value - that also carries responsibility."

The oldest and most difficult course in the world has been ridden here for more than 100 years and already Derby heroes are announcing themselves, literally scuffling their hooves in anticipation of Derby Sunday. "We are glad that it is finally going on again and that this impressive unity between man and horse can be experienced again in Hamburg," says Albert Darboven.

The way to the German Show Jumping Derby presented by IDEE KAFFEE traditionally leads over two qualifiers - the first one right on the first Derby tournament day, Wednesday, the second one already leads over the legendary IDEE KAFEE wall on Derby Friday in the Prize of Deutsche Kreditbank AG: "For DKB, the second qualifier is a great slot at this outstanding event and we are very much looking forward to being part of it again in Klein Flottbek," explained Nathalie de Bresser from DKB.

For example, the reigning European Champion and three-time Derby winner André Thieme and - also three-time Derby winner - Toni Haßmann, who has a hopeful Derby horse again after Collin, also want to be there. "The last time I rode the Derby was 15 years ago. With Top Gun I have a very well-behaved and wealthy horse. I have great confidence in him," Haßmann enthused about his Derby partner.

The Almased 62nd German Dressage Derby will be celebrated in the newly created Anrecht-Investment Dressage Arena and will celebrate a wonderful comeback, as Kathleen Kröncke, best known to all Derby fans as Kathleen Keller, will be making a comeback to her favourite show ring after a baby break - of course with the aim of riding for the blue ribbon of Derby winner. "Derby is like 'coming home', the most beautiful tournament in the world. I am also looking forward to seeing the family and will come to Hamburg with two horses," said the 32-year-old, who now lives with in the UK.
Tickets from 2020 remain valid for 2022, and there are still remaining tickets for almost all parts of the event. Information about the tournament classic in Hamburg Klein Flottbek on the internet:
www.hamburgderby.de. The ticket telephone can be reached at 01805 - 119 115.
(Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 13.00). 

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